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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reading 11 on my weird-shit-o-meter

I am endlessly fascinated by some of the people who post comments on Melanie Phillips' blog. Oh, I'm sure they're fascinated by me too: as with Kesher Talk, I'm a comparatively rare bird, not being an uncritical adorer of the blog proprietor and her ludicrous ranting. I must say, though, that (so far) however heated the exchanges have got, nobody has insulted my dead parents in Hebrew or descended to sexually obsessed personal abuse. Which just goes to show that there is a staircase of slimeballs, and Mel and her fan club do not sit at the bottom of it. No, really.

I've had some funny encounters though. There's Phil, who isn't all bad but comes out with some priceless stuff. I posted this:

where is the "nonsense" in my statement that Israel has used its arsenal to invade its neighbours? Do you reckon it never invaded anyone and is still inside its 1967 borders? Or perhaps that it fought its way into Jordan, Egypt, Syria nd Lebanon armed only with water pistols? And the "nonsense" in Israel's use of its arsenal to kill civilians? Look at the news any day of the week and you can see it, still happening now.

and was met by this:

As for killing civilians that is really beneath contempt .even you cant think that

That's right, Israel doesn't kill civilians, and all those pictures on the TV of them doing are faked by the wicked terror-supporting BBC. And the IDF spokesmen who apologise for killing civilians, they must be self-hating Jews, I suppose.

Then there's Ahad Ha'amoratzim, who believes that Israel is fully compliant with UN Resolution 242. Hmm, let's see: Clause 1.(i) "Withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict". Yup, that's happened. Not.

And Adam B. who told me in all sincerity that Hamas seized power in Gaza in a coup, which is a funny way to describe a free democratic election. And when I mentioned Benjamin Netanyahu's celebration of the King David Hotel terror bombing he wrote:

And bringing up the King David Hotel, jeez that's desperate - it only happened 60 years ago

I asked him (in a comment that was suppressed - free speech? ha!) how long ago the Holocaust was and whether he felt is was "desperate" for supporters of Israel to go on about the gas chambers when they were last used over 60 years ago.

Finally Mel herself, who recently posted this on the Lisbon Treaty (one must remember that her anti-Muslim paranoia is equalled by her loathing for the European Union and for believers in man-made global warming):

One thousand years of British history have been extinguished without a shot being fired

which forced me to ask:

.......how "One thousand years of British history have been extinguished" when Britain only came into being with the Union Of the Crowns in 1603? To a Scot there's not much difference in being ruled from Brussels or London, except that Scotland has never fought a war against Belgium.

Ah, the variety of British insect life...........


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