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Friday, March 21, 2008

OBL sets out his priorities

You have to wonder about Osama bin Laden.

I mean, OK, some of the Danish cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammed were rather tasteless, and the one that was recently reprinted was particularly vile in my opinion, but if he really thinks that those cartoons are the most important thing he should be getting upset with the EU about then I think he's been smoking too much of the Afghan national product. Um, troops in Iraq? Troops in Afghanistan? Boycott of the legitimately elected Palestinian government and support for the Israeli-backed coup? Yeah, well, I suppose put alongside a few million dead Muslims a tasteless cartoon is always going to be the priority issue.

At least now Muslims can see bin Laden for the irrelevance he is. He'll still have fans, no doubt, but I don't think this week's video will have picked him up any new ones. Certainly not in Iraq, Afghanistan or Palestine.


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