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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lord, if it be thy will, let this cup pass away from me

If I'd realised that Terry Pratchett had a weird form of early onset Alzheimer's disease, I'd forgotten.

Anyway, if you're a fan, whether of the Discworld books or any of his other wonderful creations, you might like to visit this site and give them some money. Alzheimer's isn't a glamorous disease; it doesn't particularly affect people in Africa (so doesn't get Geldof and Bono fundraising for it), it doesn't affect winsome kiddies like, say, leukaemia, and so far the main celebrities afflicted with it have been literary (Pratchett, and before him, Iris Murdoch) rather than TV stars. So it doesn't attract as many donations from the public as other (no less unpleasant) diseases such as cancer and HIV. Most of its victims are elderly, unphotogenic, and drool quietly as they fail to recognise their heartbroken relatives. I suspect most of us, if we think about it at all, rapidly put it out of mind in the hope that it won't ever affect us. And maybe it won't, though it may affect those we love.

I am extremely fortunate that so far nobody close to me has been seized by either Alzheimer's or any of the similar dementias. I can think of few worse fates, personally. So go on, give them some money. The price of a Pratchett paperback.


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