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Monday, March 10, 2008


The recent attack on the Jerusalem yeshiva was an indefensible murder of civilians. Let's get that straight.

However, the yeshiva in question wasn't simply a religious school the way you might think of a Sunday School or even a Convent High School. No, this place was a "religious" school like the ones the UK and USA spend their time searching out and destroying in Afghanistan and Iraq: a political indoctrination centre for would-be murderers and ethnic cleansers.

Don't believe me? How about Ha'aretz, the main Israeli newspaper?

Looks as though it was just as much a "targetted killing" as the ones the Israelis inflict on civilians in Gaza. Which is to say the target looked good on paper, but the aim was lousy and a load of innocent people wound up dead. Not to condemn it would be to let the Israelis off the hook for their far more numerous murders (or "TKs" as they like to call them to avoid even the word "killing"), and I'm not about to fall into that trap. Israeli Jews, Palestinian Arabs, al-Qaeda killers; they all have mothers and families; their deaths all cause grief to someone. The grieving relatives may cry alone, or may do so for the cameras. In many cases they then dig out a gun and head off to encourage more killing, because that's the way martyrdom works. I saw a story earlier today (I think it was on the BBC site, but funnily enough it's been pulled now) that families of the yeshiva victims had vowed to found a new illegal settlement for every dead student. When you consider that every new settlement means the ethnic cleansing of a hundred or so Palestinians, that's no different from the cheering AK-47-firing ghouls celebrating in Gaza at the Jerusalem shootings.

Wait, no, of course it is. It has the official backing of the peace-loving-only-when-negotiating-an-aid-package Olmert government. So why does anyone give credibility to all this talk of Israel's longing for peace? Only the peace that comes when all its neighbours have been exterminated and their land stolen. Olmert wants a one-state solution: one Jewish state of Israel from the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean. (He's a patient man.)

Of course, deck-chairs are being shuffled. Illegally, on someone else's deck, but does anyone care about that? When Palestinians (or indeed Israeli Arabs) build homes without permission the Israelis demolish them, sometimes with the Arabs still inside. Yet the pampered freeloading ultra-orthodox parasites get the world's sympathy for their plight as the government forces them from their "homes" (stolen Palestinian farms) to trudge as whingeing refugees a few miles down the road to a different stolen farm (God forbid these people should ever have to farm their own land: they wouldn't know where to begin). If they weren't so overprivileged they'd be being forced out of their squalid squats by bulldozers and cluster bombs.


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