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Saturday, March 08, 2008

It isn't only Mark Twain whose death occasions exaggerated rumours

An amusing piece in The Daily Mash.

I've been saying pretty much the same thing for years. We live on a planet that had a huge percentage of its biota - more than the worst climate predictions suggest are now at risk - removed 250 million years ago, and again 65 million years ago. Look around you: does the place seem barren and lifeless to you?

Whatever indignities we contrive to inflict on it, whether by global warming, nuclear war, or annything else we come up with, the planet - and the future of life on it - is secure until the Sun expands and engulfs it. Whether humanity remains comfortable, or survives at all, is another matter altogether, but not an important one from the biosphere's point of view. Lets's face it, any visiting extra-terrestrial in 2008 would conclude on a strictly numerical basis that this was a planet most of whose occupants had six legs. If we screw the place up to the extent that we don't survive, the six-legged majority will pick up the baton.

Or if not pick it up, then lay eggs in it.


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