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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

He Said, She Said

What he said, with regard to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

What she said, with regard to immigrants.

The Daily Mail demonstrates its day in, day out anti-Muslim bias, and how it happily recycles three-week-old "news" from another paper if it supports its agenda of hatred. (via)

Naomi Klein on the pervasive Islamophobia that makes a picture of Barack Obama in a turban seem like a bad thing.

Mad Mel Phillips, Britain's leading ignorant Islamophobe, who writes for the Daily Mail because she couldn't spell Spearhead, exports her uniquely repugnant brand of filth to Australia. Sadly Phillips herself remains here. Actually, I say "uniquely repugnant" but her article is actually far from original, some of it being plagiarised from a book review by Ibn Warraq in the City Journal. Ibn Warraq may be an Islamophobe, but at least he writes the stuff he gets paid for. Phillips appears to be a fraud and a thief as well as a racist bigot. Well, I suppose it's a kind of career development.


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