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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bishop Kuninga supports a vicious, racist dictator. Archbishop WIlliams opposes the demonisation of Muslims. Spot the anti-Christ?

The cretinous squawking of Mad Mel notwithstanding, Rowan Williams' recent suggestions regarding a possible role for Sharia law in the UK do not demonstrate a senior figure in the Episcopal communion abusing his position for political ends.

But this does.

I'm not sure whether the relative volume of reporting here of the two stories is indicative more of British - I was about to write "xenophobia", but it's more "apathy" where Africa is concerned - or of British Islamophobia. Certainly Mel P and her fellow-travellers have every reason to whip up anti-Muslim sentiment and no interest whatever in the human rights of a bunch of beaten-up black Christians a long way away in an area with practically no Muslims or Jews in it.


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