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Friday, February 29, 2008


On the subject of Celine Dion, here she is performing a live version of one of her best recordings: Vole, from the D'Eux album. All the songs on that album are by Jean-Jacques Goldman, and there is a story behind this one. Dion's niece Karine had just died at the age of 16 from cystic fibrosis; CD had been with her as she died. (Which explains her energetic fund-raising for cystic fibrosis charities.) Anyway, during the sessions for D'Eux, JJG presented this song to Dion as a gift, and she decided to include it on that album. Lyrics here. I would think that, the song's beauty notwithstanding, she must find it a difficult emotional task to sing it.

And on the subject of Jean-Jacques Goldman, here is another of my favourites of his, this time sung by the man himself (with help from Sirima): Là-bas. (From his album Entre gris clair et gris foncé.) And here he is with Carole Fredericks and Michael Jones, covering another of the stand-out tracks from that album, Je Commence Demain. He's listing all the things he knows he really should do to get his act together, and how he's going to start tomorrow. (Darling, they're playing my song....) The video chain runs on into another good JJG song, "Il Y A".


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