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Friday, February 15, 2008

Sleep soundly, Britain

It's hard to read this story and not have just the tiniest suspicion that Gatwick Airport security have taken the Martin Amis approach and simply pick on anyone who looks like a Muslim. Gosh, I feel so good knowing that the clowns who feel threatened by baby milk and eye drops are busy antagonising the nuclear-armed and unstable government of one of our partners in the "war" on "terror". Thank God they don't have to deal with real terrorists, eh?

And if I needed a reason not to fly with Ryanair, their combination of credulousness over "terrorists", complicity with racism and total lack of interest in passengers with disabilities would have provided it.

Hilary is in Munich this week, but fortunately is flying with Easyjet.


At 15 February, 2008 02:19, Blogger ARK said...

How do you know it wasn't on MA's say-so? After all, he is a £3k/hr prof. I'm sure he's got to earn his keep doing something more practical than talking about Bellow and Nabokov.


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