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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Relationships and renditions

You may recall a few days ago I posted on President Bush's reference to the 7/7 bombing victims to justify the use of torture. I predicted then that Rachel of North London, herself a 7/7 survivor, wouldn't have much truck with this. And I was right.

I found this piece, to which Rachel links, fascinating. It's by a fit bloke with free-diving experience, waterboarding himself to see what it felt like. It's worth reading, and worth reading in full. He is left in no doubt that it's torture, whatever Bush may say. The Gestapo and the Spanish Inquisition used much less effective variants, it would appear (the Nazis did pour water directly into people's lungs, but that wasn't for interrogation but to see how little water would drown them).

"The United States will act within the law", says El Busho. Well, when the law has been interpreted as permitting torture, it will. And now it seems that the United States used British territory to cart people off to torture (or back from it), and lied to us about it. So much for the special relationship, and Blair's influence in Washington. (Though at at least when you send the CIA off to take another look at their records they apparently do that, rather than simply covering things up as our government would.)


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