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Friday, February 15, 2008

Can he even point to Europe on a map?

This should be an interesting book.

And just think: our unlamented ex-premier, "a very shallow mind, who's not interested in issues other than the personalities of the top people", with no interest in detail and a totally unrealistic impression of his own influence, is graciously telling us all that if we make it worth his while he might do us all the favour of becoming President of Europe. Never mind that he made it a major project of his government to keep us out of the Eurozone and out of the Schengen free-trade area; never mind that most Europeans (and a lot of Britons) despise him as a Eurosceptic, and many of both also despise him as a war criminal. He's prepared to give up some of his millions for a few years to lend the job some glitz and glamour (and boost his own immense ego). After all, he's done the Middle East thing (or at least got all the TV coverage he's likely to get, so he can leave the messy negotiating stuff to little unimportant people). He's managed to sell the use of his imaginary influence to the highest bidder in his favourite country. And let nobody think that he'd waste his retirement as an ex-VIP representing his constituents like Ted Heath, or sitting in the Lords like most of his predecessors. He might actually have to read Parliamentary papers and deal with oikish proles instead of leaving all that to his minions. Not likely. No, the European Head Honcho job is the one for Tone. Nothing to do that he can't delegate - if he wants to - except pose for pictures and mouth unconvincing plaatitudes. The opportunity to drive Britain and Europe further apart, and to cause serious harm to future European integration. The only damage will be to Europe and Britain, with no danger to his American employers. Piles of money and he keeps his face on TV.

An ambition with nothing standing against it but the hatred of millions of Europeans who feel this ignorant dolt has betrayed them already and want no more of him.


At 15 February, 2008 11:36, Anonymous Phil said...

Don't want Blair as President of (dear God this must be an April Fool surely) Europe? Sign the petition.

At 17 February, 2008 01:39, Blogger Rob said...



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