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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Always the bridesmaid....

I was very impressed with this leader in yesterday's Guardian. I Googled Kevin O'Connell, and here he is in Wikipedia. My son commented that he wouldn't want to be saddled with the title "unluckiest nominee in Oscar history". But then, that sort of glory isn't handed to you on a plate; it's handed to 19 other people on theirs while you watch it being delivered.

I wish Kevin O'Connell the best of luck tonight with his 20th nomination. (Not that it did him any good: see below.) But I bet the great and good of the Academy decided a while ago that they weren't going to have Transformers proclaiming on its DVD boxes that it had won an Academy Award. Still, anything that concentrates attention on the less glamorous Oscars has to be a good thing.

Just for the record, here are the films to which Kevin lost out in the Best Sound Oscars (* are years when he had two nominations):

1983 The Right Stuff
1984 Amadeus
1985 Out Of Africa
1986 Platoon
1989 Glory
1990 Dances With Wolves
1992 The Last of the Mohicans
1995 Apollo 13
1996* The English Patient
1997 Titanic
1998* Saving Private Ryan
2000 Gladiator
2001 Black Hawk Down
2002 Chicago
2004 Ray
2005 King Kong
2006 Dreamgirls
2007 The Bourne Ultimatum


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