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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Toxic crud floating in the Southern Ocean

It must be a cold day in Hell, for I am posting something nice about Greenpeace. Not only are they doing what they were originally founded for (saving the whales) rather than campaigning to increase global warming ban nuclear power, but they are demonstrating an unexpected sense of decency by distancing themselves from Greenpeace founder and utter bampot Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd terrorists. Yes, Greenpeace have been known to go in for the odd spot of piracy themselves (hijacking the Brent Spar, for example) but they have so far eschewed chemical warfare - or any other violence - unlike Watson & Co.

For a full discussion of the "harmlessness" of butyric acid and other Sea Shepherd lies, see my earlier post here with links to descriptions of its associated hazards.

I hope the whales get away from the Japanese. I hope the Japanese get away from Sea Shepherd. As to what happens to Sea Shepherd, who cares? If it never makes landfall again, that will be soon enough for me. If it does, I hope the Australian Government impounds it.


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