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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Taking the hairy with the smooth

Catching up with Udge's blog after a break, I happened upon this post. I was especially struck by the response by his friends to his quotation from the Old Testament (and commented on it should you care to delve that far - I see no point in repeating the comment here). It isn't an attitude I've ever encountered, even from the most, er, forceful Christians. Indeed, most of those I've met have tended to an irrational idolatry of the Biblical texts of whichever testament. (And if Udge thinks denying the divinity of Jesus confuses them, he should try expressing the opinion that excessive reverence for the Bible - a collection of books, after all, written by people - is tantamount to idol worship. It tends to make their heads glow red like Robbie The Robot's.)

Whatever your religion, or none, it's worth reading Udge's post if only for the Buñuel story at the end (which I hadn't heard before). Perfect.


At 22 January, 2008 13:24, Blogger Chip said...

Robbie the Robot... didn't his head glow white in the original series (as it was black and white)???

At 23 January, 2008 02:30, Blogger Rob said...

I'm thinking of the film Forbidden Planet (with Walter Pidgeon, Ann Francis and a pre-Airplane Leslie Neilsen. That was in colour, albeit rather washed-out 1950s colour. And when asked to harm a human being, Robbie's head glows red until the command is cancelled. Now that's what I call cognitive dissonance.

At 25 January, 2008 20:48, Blogger Udge said...

Thanks for the link, Rob!


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