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Monday, January 21, 2008

Of course, Elphaba and Glinda both demonstrate moral maturity (not to mention humanity) far beyond anything Melanie Phillips could understand

That'll teach me to go for allusive titles: since writing my previous post I've had a certain song from a certain musical going round in my head. Fair enough: the Fischer-Spassky match was clearly the inspiration for Chess on one level at least: the game was never the stuff of theatrical glamour before their Reykjavik contest.

And hey, it's a song which showcases the best of the abilities of Rice, Anderson and Ulvaeus, not to mention, in this clip, Barbara Dickson and Elaine Paige. ( I have to agree with one of the YouTube commenters though that we shall always wonder how it would have sounded as sung by Frida and Agnetha.)

When I hear of Barbara Dickson I still think of the bespectacled folkie with a guitar who played Mary's Folk Club at Durham University in the mid-seventies. Which is like remembering Billy Connolly for the Humblebums; something good, not to be ashamed of, but totally unconnected with what they later became. (Though I see that BD's most recent album returns to exactly what I remember, albeit 35 years on.)

(An aside: if I Know Him So Well is the best female duet from a musical, surely Wicked furnishes several of the runners-up. For example, What Is This Feeling?, or For Good. )

OK, we've moved far enough from Mel Phillips now (though What Is This Feeling just brought her to mind again....)


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