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Monday, January 21, 2008

Never Mind The Bollards (Part Two)

My wife emailed me this at work the other day.

These men are installing bollards to stop cars parking on the pavement outside an Irish sports bar and are cleaning up at the end of the day. How long do you think it will be before they realize???????

The original email Hilary received was entitled "Could Only Happen In Ireland", but there seems to be a consensus on snopes.com (the most awesome site ever for checking out urban myths etc.) that it's actually Quay Street, Manchester, and probably genuine. Also that yes, they are boxed in unless one or more bollard is removable (though could probably get out with some expensive dents).

Those of you with memories around a year long may remember this link I posted last January. What is it with Mancunians and bollards?


At 21 January, 2008 21:20, Blogger Udge said...

An architect writes: at least one of the bollards must be removable so that emergency services can get up to the building.

But it is a funny photo.


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