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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let There be Drums

I realised recently that I'd never actually seen the famous Muppet Show segment with the drum battle between Animal and Buddy Rich. In case you haven't either, here it is. Not that there was ever any doubt as to how that one was going to turn out......

Here is the great man (without Animal this time), showing the way it's done.

I remember reading an intrerview with Karen Carpenter where someone asked her who she though was the greatest drummer alive. She said that if you meant big band drummers it had to be Buddy Rich, but if you meant combo drummers it would have to be Joe Morello (from the Dave Brubeck Quartet). I thought at was a pretty good answer. I never saw Rich but I did see Morello with Brubeck. Here he is showing what he could do (even without his sticks).

And this of course is their big hit. I feel very privileged, thanks to an older brother who was a jazz nut, to have seen the classic Brubeck line-up, probably on the same European tour as this clip. These guys were the epitome of cool. Hell, for me, they still are, even if Joe's shades remind me of the polar bear in the old Cresta ads "It's frothy, man!"


At 16 January, 2008 17:19, Anonymous JoeInVegas said...

But, Animal is fuzzier.
I also got to see Dave at two performances, and in his underwear (twice) but that's a different story.

At 16 January, 2008 18:02, Blogger Rob said...

I look forward to reading it some time!


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