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Saturday, January 19, 2008

It Furthers One To See The Great Man

I have posted about Norman Finkelstein before: the respected American academic specialist on the Middle East who was denied tenure by his university after a lengthy and hysterical campaign led by Alan Dershowitz (a far less-respected academic, presumably motivated by Finkelstein's having exposed the plagiarism in his book ) .

Imagine my delight to discover that Prof. Finkelstein is not only doing a lecture tour of the UK, but coming to Edinburgh next week! I am attempting to get hold of a ticket. I would expect he'll be very well worth hearing, and I encourage anyone with an interest in the region to try to get to one of his lectures.

21 Jan Manchester U
22 Jan Keele U
23 Jan London (LSE)
24 Jan Brighton (U of Sussex)
25 Jan Edinburgh U


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