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Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'll stick with Mad magazine, thanks, the foreign coverage is better

As an aside during his lecture tonight (of which more later), Prof. Norman Finkelstein drew his audience's attention to this editorial in Thursday's Washington Post.

I'm not sure which is the more asinine assertion: that the breakout from their Israeli-administered ghetto by a few thousand desperate Palestinians is a sign of Hamas's disruption of the "peace process", or that nobody in Gaza is starving, and they're all just streaming over the border for cheaper prices, like Brits going to France to stock upon cheap booze.

I can just imagine how the Post must have described the fall of the Berlin Wall. "Communist vandals show contempt for capitalism by destroying historic Berlin monument", perhaps. Or "Leftist layabouts break into West Berlin in search of cheap toilet paper".

If Bush reads this rubbish every day it's no wonder he's so ignorant.

Update: after picking the title for this post I found this wonderful cartoon by Latuff (a Brazilian who does a lot of political cartoons on the Middle East). Now there's synchronicity for you.


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