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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Happy New Year to all my readers

When I married a Scot I fairly soon discovered one of those pesky little differences that lurk to trip up the unwary Englishman in Scotland (or vice versa). Not the bank holidays/public holidays/local holidays one, or the house purchasing one, or the Sunday trading one. No, I mean the "Happy New Year" one. You see, in England, people wish each other "Happy New Year" when they are parting for the last time in the old year (e.g. as you leave work on 31 December). The Scottish way, however, is to do the whole shaking-hands-and-wishing-Happy-New-Year thing (and they do make rather more of it than we reserved Anglos) at the first meeting in the new year. It takes an Englishman aback somewhat to be wished a Happy New Year in late January, but I've had it happen. (Of course, it bemuses Scots colleagues similarly to be wished HNY in late December.)

So I shall be getting muchly handshook tomorrow whan I go back to work. You, meanwhile, are getting my best wishes in my first post of 2008.

Happy New Year.


At 02 January, 2008 22:21, Blogger Udge said...

And a scots Happy New Year to you too!


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