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Friday, January 11, 2008

Hail to the Chief

This may be the first thing George Bush has ever done that didn't mark him out as a total waste of DNA.

The Israelis say they would not have chosen some of the language Mr Bush used - the word "occupation" is something with which Israeli governments have always had difficulties.

Well yes, along with "peace", "truth" and "not shooting any more children". Deal with it like grown-ups.

However, we may expect that "friends of Israel" (the ones so keen on the place they live in Manhattan or Camden and will fight to the last drop of genuine Israelis' blood) will shortly be denouncing Bush as the worst anti-Semite since Jimmy Carter, or Noam Chomsky, or Ehud Olmert, or anyone who doesn't march around with a big placard saying that "G-D gave the Jews the whole of Israel" (surely inviting the invitation to f*** off back to Israel with their Galils and their placards if they like the place so much). Michael Gove will accuse him of dishonouring the memory of 6 million Holocaust victims, Judith Weiss will accuse him of sucking dictators' cocks (and of dishonouring the memory of the 5.4 million Holocaust victims she pretends to care about), Mad Mel Phillips will tell us all how al-Qaeda has now taken over the White House, and Cinnamon Stillwell will blame it all on homosexuals.

He may be the worst president the USA has ever had, but even GWB can occasionally, briefly, do the right thing.


At 13 January, 2008 10:54, Blogger Chip said...

When I first read about GWB's tour of the middle east I thought, "Great, another photo tour and axis of evil speaches" - but he has shocked me with a fairly hard line toward the peace process.

IF he has success, it will likely be the one item that garners him a Nobel Peace Prize - which seems a bit odd considering what else he has done in terms of war mongering.

A success in this would still be a success... even as much as I would hate to admit it.

At 14 January, 2008 21:12, Blogger J.J said...

What is that old saying? Even a clock that isn't working is right twice a day.

Unexpected to say the least.


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