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Sunday, January 20, 2008

A frightening demonstration of intellectual and moral cluelessness

Mad Mel Phillips loses the plot once again here.

While it's hard to know where to begin with such an oustandingly ignorant post, I think I'll go for the bit where she says to call terrorist murder "anti-Islamic" is "demonstrably ridiculous". And how does she go on to "demonstrate" her non-fact? Well, "to say therefore that this terrorism is ‘anti-Islamic’ is like saying that the Inquisition was ‘anti-Catholic’."

No, it's like saying that the Inquisition was anti-Christian. Which it very definitely was, last time I read the Bible. I can only assume that Phillips is no more familiar with that not-exactly-obscure work than she is with the Koran.

But then, to denounce torture as anti-Christian would mean that the poor bastards being regularly tortured in Guantanamo and elsewhere in America's Gulag might have a legitimate grievance; and to admit that would be "a total capitulation to terror".

As she says, you couldn't make it up.


At 20 January, 2008 11:25, Anonymous Phil said...

As well as being certifiably paranoid, she's frighteningly ignorant.

Can you imagine if, at the height of the IRA’s terrorist campaign to bomb Britain into agreeing to a united Ireland, ministers had announced that they were now prepared to ‘enter into a dialogue’ about this ‘grievance’ with those who wanted to discuss it over tea and buns?

Why, yes, I can, because it happened:

Friday 7 July 1972
Secret Talks Between IRA and British Government
Gerry Adams, who had been released from detention for the purpose, was part of a delegation who went to London for talks with the British Government. The Irish Republican Army (IRA) delegation held direct talks with William Whitelaw, then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, and other Northern Ireland Office ministers in the Chelsea home of Mr Paul Channon, then Minister of State for the North. The IRA delegation also included: Séamus Twomey, Seán MacStiofáin, Dáithí Ó Conaill, Ivor Bell, and Martin McGuinness.

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