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Monday, January 28, 2008

Fan Club - I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

I have described I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change (by Joe DiPietro and Jimmy Roberts) elsewhere as my favourite musical. It's probably time to give a few demonstrations of just why. You can find other clips on YouTube, or of course you can buy the soundtrack or go and see it if it comes to your town.

OK. The piece is more properly a revue rather than a musical: a series of sung sketches with spoken preambles, on the theme of relations between men and women. It has a cast of four (two men, two women) accompanied by piano and violin.

Prologue/Cantata for a First Date - setting the scene

Lasagna Incident/I Will Be Loved Tonight - one of my favourite songs, and a very funny preamble. This one shows the marvellous way that this musical, like all the best ones, can move you in all kinds of different ways.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - funnily enough, my teenaged son's favourite number.

Always A Bridesmaid - another terrific song, and my wife's favourite.

Tear Jerk - my favourite, though it always cracks Hilary up too. I dare any guy out there to say there's no truth in this one....... (OK, so the first film I ever took a girl to see - in March 1970 IIRC - was "Where Eagles Dare". What?)

Marriage Tango - I defy anyone to say here's no truth in this one. (Especially the "bribing the children" bit.)

This must have been a great production!


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