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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fan Club 4 - Abba

No comment needed really. The world is divided into those who get Abba and those who don't, and I can find nothing to say to the latter except generalised pitying noises.

So - a few of my favourites.

The Day Before You Came (official video).

One of their best lyrics: That's Me (from Arrival) (official video)

And another, One Of Us (from what Lisa once described as their "magisterially depressing period")

Anni-Frid solo, doing a well-known Leonard Cohen song in Swedish. And doing it so brilliantly that the language is irrelevant.

Agnetha making her triumphant return to recording with When You Walk In The Room.

Intermezzo - a forgotten instrumental gem, but always popular live (the video clip is from Abba The Movie, though the sound is from a live Hamburg 1977 concert, hence the lack of sync!)

The band rock out in On and On and On (in what, despite its Youtube billing as "Abba's last concert", seems to be a TV special). (Think their last live concert was in Tokyo in 1980.)

And possibly the finest Abba song of all, once again from Arrival: My Love, My Life (TV performance) .


At 03 January, 2008 16:44, Anonymous JoeInVegas said...

Rob's pics. Thanks.


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