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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another one bites the dust?

I note that the Kesher Talk Zionist fringe blog which made me so very welcome [/irony] seems to be operating without its liar-in-chief these days. Of the blog members, Cinnamon Stillwell and Benjamin Kerstein long ago forsook it to peddle their hatred and ignorance elsewhere, and "Alcibiades" seems to have simply become bored with being a shill for war criminals. But for the last three months, even founder member and Holocaust denier Judith Weiss (if accepting it happened but quibbling about the numbers makes David Irving a Holocaust denier, then Ms 5.4 million is absolutely a Holocaust denier) has been conspicuous by her absence. Not missed, oh dear me no, though leaving the blog in the hands of the oh-so-funny [/irony] humorist Van wasn't a clever move. Not even a post from the usually sane Asher Abrams has succeeded in raising the interest level of the site now above that of a dull teenager's Facebook profile. At least Judith, as well as sometimes posting interesting musical links, could be relied upon for a good apologia for terrorist bombing: the King David Hotel wasn't terrorism, apparently, because the Zionists gave a warning (ineffective of course). The IDF never planted bombs outside schools, except when they did; and when I reminded her about Baruch Goldstein's machine-gunning of a mosque congregation, first she called me an anti-Semitic liar and when I linked to the news report she went very quiet (but didn't of course apologise, because she's an immoral fool as well as an ignorant one). A nuclear attack on Israel would be "genocide", while one on Iran would be "defending against attempted genocide". Of course, if you read the "King David Hotel" link above you'll see that she openly rates the life of a non-Jew at one-tenth of the value of that of a Jew.

And this sad, friendless piece of offal describes me as "a very nasty individual with a thin veneer of mock-decency and a sorry excuse for a moral sense totally unmoored from reality"? I'll take that as a sign that I'm doing something right, then.

If she's still alive, I hope she stays off the blogosphere: it's better without her. If she isn't, does anyone actually care?


Sadly, Judith Weiss is still about, and threatening to start posting regularly again. I had hoped that she'd died of a broken heart when her favourite corrupt incompetent Rudy Giuliani realised that he was no better at running a campaign than a city, but no, she's off pimping for John McCain (and moaning about Democrat vote-rigging in NYC, naturally). A revealing Judith quote though: "Jimmy Carter only served one term and we are still trying to clean up the messes he made". Now Judith claims to have been a left-leaning liberal Democrat Clinton supporter until 9/11 (yawn) opened her eyes to something or other (insert wild-eyed rant du jour). O...K..... Now I'm not sure what the voting age was in the US back in the 1970s, so Judith may have been too young to have voted for Jimmy Carter when he was elected. But she would certainly have been old enough to have voted for him against Reagan, and if her views are as she represents them she would have undoubtedly done so. In which case to complain about the "messes" left by a president she supported would be hypocrisy of a very high order. Of course, she may simply be lying about the whole "I was a liberal who saw the light" 9/11 rubbish. Either way, she's a liar or a hypocrite (or both). Well, knock me down with a feather if I ever would have suspected it.

Apparently blogging keeps the lady from her Hebrew lessons. Well don't let it do that, Judith: you spend as much time as you want on those, dear, and don't hurry back. I can only hope that she's intending to emigrate to Israel, whose loss will be America's gain if she does.


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