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Friday, January 11, 2008

Amazing how potent old forgotten songs can be

I found myself singing this today, which is a song I haven't heard for many years, though it retains its power to move me. Not sure why it came to mind today, though a cousin of mine has just died so I was probably thinking about death.

Thinking of Harvey Andrews brings this - more famous - song to mind. It too has lost none of its relevance, at least not if you replace the Northern Irish references with those of, say, Iraq. Just because we shouldn't be there doesn't mean that all our soldiers are monsters, or even that none of them are heroes.

And here's Andrews singing it. (The song was indeed banned by the BBC as the description says, not for any reason of political correctness but for the same reason that British soldiers were advised not to sing it in public in Northen Ireland: that it might cause a riot. And if you doubt that, remember when the song came out, and how much more sensitive the subject matter was then than now, and then look at the comments under the Youtube clip.)


At 13 January, 2008 11:33, Blogger Chip said...

This song tore my heart out!

I have linked to it and to your blog as it is well worth spreading the world.


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