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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Keep those charges movin', Boride!

First of all, apologies for not posting for a few days. Work has been particularly hectic (I was in much of the weekend helping to recover from a major system problem) plus I've been writing an essay on various issues to do with aid to Africa for HIV/AIDS treatment. Busy busy busy.

Anyway, here I am, and like the character in the Zappa song, "I figure the odds be fifty-fifty I might just have something to say".

Let's start with something silly. I started following one of those chains of hyperlinks the other day, beginning with an article on diamonds and ending up via a circuitous route at the Wikipedia entry for Magnesium Diboride. As you do. I clicked on a link there which took me to this description of a novel MRI scanner. I especially liked the part where they tell us that "The first MR‐Open system is an open magnet structure built around an iron joke".

Presumably this one.


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