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Monday, December 24, 2007

"If we start pulling strings like this, you don't think every homeless veteran will come out of the woodwork?" "I can only hope, Sir."

In our household, we don't watch Dinner For One every year.

We don't even watch It's A Wonderful Life each Christmas (just sometimes).

Our children (now 19 and 15!) still watch A Muppet Christmas Carol each year (it was a favourite of their late grandfather, and they borrow the video from their grandmother).

Hilary and Vanessa and I, though, do watch the Christmas episode from Season One of The West Wing each year. Not sure about Hilary, but it generally causes tears in Vanessa and me. Not so much that I can't appreciate one of the finest pieces of editing (for the funeral scene) that I've ever watched.

If you watch this clip you get the basic plotline, albeit with dreadful sound. I suggest that just after the President pats Toby on the shoulder, and before Toby heads off to the funeral, you switch to this clip with better sound (pretend you don't notice the semitone shift upwards!).

Oh, and the significance of the lady who says "Toby..I'd like to come along" is that her twin sons were killed in Vietnam on 24/12/1970.

A peaceful and happy Christmas to you all.


At 24 December, 2007 10:58, Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I think you've just decided for me what we'll be watching tonight (after Skyping the rellies in NZ).

I may even top it off with Noel from S2 with the Bach just to completely have me sobbing.

PS went to see Its a Wonderful Life at the flicks last night: the audience spontaneously clapped and cheered at the end. Sniff!


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