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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A hitherto-unknown pro-European, apparently

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist dropping back in to share this gem with you.

Yup, Benjamin Expletive-Undeleted Kerstein seriously believes (or did back in 2003) not only that Tony Blair, the most anti-European Prime Minister of my lifetime, is "irredeemably dedicated to the EU monster state (sic)" but that in some way unknown to those of us who merely live in his country, he planned to put Britain on the Euro. This would be despite his own and his Chancellor's implacable opposition to just such a move (Blair never suggested a referendum until public opinion, which had been fairly evenly spilt, swung strongly against the Euro so that he knew it would be lost; Brown has never given the idea a moment's thought in his life).

I agree, though, that Britain's greatness always came from its independence from the barbarians: and it is that independence - from the USA - that Blair so thoughtlessly tossed away in the vain hope of looking big and clever. It didn't work, which is why he was binned and has already been largely forgotten.

Let's add politics and economics to the subjects on which Kerstein talks through his capacious butt.

And I want to know this: Kerstein left the USA purportedly because of the dreadful anti-semitism there (no, really). Surely this couldn't be connected with the difficulty of getting into universities in his home neighbourhood of New England, compared with the, er, less rigorous requirements of the "Ben Gurion University of the Negev"? Well, he graduated from that august institution and was full of the Master's degree in Jewish History he was about to undertake at Tel Aviv University. Then we hear of him moving to Jerusalem to become assistant editor of Azure magazine. So what about the degree? Were the exacting standards of a proper university too much for the boy wonder? Or was it never any more than another Kerstein invention?


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