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Thursday, December 06, 2007

But can they tell you what you went in there to buy in the first place?

I was interested to read recently about Google's plans for the future. They're interested in collecting a lot of personal data, which is rather scary, but what they have in mind for it is like a sort of amplified version of what Amazon do. You know, "People who bought Madonna's Confessions On A Dance Floor also bought Frederick Rzewski's Variations on The People United Will Never Be Defeated" . (OK, maybe that's just me.) So if you keyed in a search they could for example order the results according to your perceived priorities. An interesting idea, though fraught with practical difficulties, methinks. Not least that if you take it to its logical conclusion you get fewer surprises when Googling, and they're half the fun.

The idea I really took to, though, was for supermarkets. Since their stock locations are already held on computer, why not make this available, for example to mobile phones. So instead of standing in Waitrose scratching your head wondering where the hell the capers are located, or whether they in fact have any 40% strength gin, you'd download the store shelf map. If that's the future, I want to live there.


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