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Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Bigger Bang

As a result of taking part in a meme over on LiveJournal, I was reading what various people had been doing last Guy Fawkes' Night (November 5th to you non-Brits). It seems quite a few were watching a TV programme in which Richard Hammond (best known as one of the presenters of the BBC motoring programme Top Gear) set out to reconstruct Fawkes's 1605 attempt to demolish Parliament, with the significant difference that he set his explosion off. He was doing it in a military bombing range, using a full-size reconstruction of the original builiding and 18 cwt. of gunpowder. Oh, and a lot of crash test dummies.

If you would like to know how big the bang was, how much damage the building sustained, how big the one part of the royal dummy(James VI to the Scots, James I to the English) was which was located afterwards, and how far it went, watch this video. It comes in 8 parts (the others are on the same page of Youtube) and lasts about an hour.

There is a certain addictive quality to watching a building being picked up and shaken in slow motion....... If you want to skip to that, it's in part 7. But it's a good programme and worth watching in full.


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