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Friday, November 02, 2007

Then they came for Ann Coulter and I did not speak up because I was too busy organising the street party

I'd never actually read any Ann Coulter before encountering this post: in Britain we remain blissfully free not only of her but of anyone quite so loathsome. I mean, we have Michael Gove and Melanie Phillips, and that's bad enough: but they appear models of sweet reasonableness and toleration alongside Ms Coulter. To their paranoia and hatred she adds a uniquely Christian - and uniquely right-wing American Christian - hatred of anything non-Christian (and non-Jewish: for some reason she excludes Jews from her ranting).

It's worth persevering with Coulter's rubbish. She considers it "manifestly obvious" that a Muslim congressman should have to take an oath on the Bible rathe than the Koran,and demands that he go on record to state whether he believes the Holocaust happened (while requiring such a statement from no other Represntatives). Opposition to the teaching of "intelligent design" is a "faddish liberal cause". There is apparently a "worldwide terorist movement dedicated to killing Jews". The "singular threat to Jews at the moment is the complete annilihilation of Israel" (as though there had been a single day since its foundation when that was likely).

Or take this post, cheerleading for David Horowitz's fascist rallies. In it we learn that "Liberals believe in burning the American flag, urinating on crucifixes and passing out birth control pills to 11-year-olds without telling their parents." (Well that would liven up their party conferences.) Liberals also supposedly support "Islamo-fascism", which supposedly is something that exists. Oh, and it's OK to bully Muslim kids, especially if they're called Osama, and bad to provide any facilitoes for them to pray.

It must be weird living in the USA and having this kind of drivel beaming into your home every single day by the supposedly liberally-biased "mainstream media". A kind of relentless dripping tap, like the voices in the heads of the ants in T.H.White's The Sword In The Stone.

Just be thankful for the US Constitution, guys: it's all that stands between you and the thousand-year rule of Coulter, Horowitz, Limbaugh and the rest. (Not to mention Glenn Beck, who turned the Californian fires into an anti-Democrat punchline, to his shame.)


At 02 November, 2007 15:25, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Wow, just looking at your visitor list scrolling by - Qatar, Mauritius, Croatia, Belarus - from 60 countries, you are a worldwide phenomena. Congratulations.
Well, back to the comment, which is already in progress. Ann - the only time I see her is when the new shows my wife always has on take time to make fun of her. But I do know people that continuously leave on her type of radio stations, and am amazed that they can function in a mixed society.

At 02 November, 2007 19:04, Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I still have the chuckles from reading your title for this post earlier today!

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At 08 December, 2016 17:40, Blogger soma taha said...

I love it when folks get together and share opinions. Great site, stick with it


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