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Friday, November 23, 2007

Overnight Sensation

Lists of outdoor-type things are great, aren't they? There's the list of Scottish mountains over 3000 feet, aka Munros (after Sir Hugh Munro who first listed them but actually never completed the round). There are 284 of these, and I've climbed just over 100 of them (my list is in Ballater so I can't be definitive). For the more adventurous there are, well, I suppose we should call them the Messners: the fourteen summits over 8000 metres in height,, first climbed by Reinhold Messner.

Well, now there is another list awaiting emulation. Strangeways. I suspect the number of Strangeway-baggers will be closer to the total for the Messners than for the Munros.

For example, here's my own list of Strangeways (counting overnight stays only):

Fair Isle
Shetland Mainland
North Ronaldsay
Orkney Mainland

11 out of 162. It's a sobering thought that even adding in the ones I've visited without an overnight stay only adds a further 11. (Though obviously there are plenty I've seen from a respectful distance without landing, which is after all how most people experience Ailsa Craig, Boreray and Gruinard.) As Chip Clark commented when I posted my pictures of the far North-West, what a lot I still have to see.

Congratulations to Andy Strangeway anyway on his achievement.


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