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Friday, November 09, 2007

Music and Politics (mainly the former)

Having mentioned in my last post a gig I was gutted to miss because I was on holiday, here's one I was gutted to miss by being in Manchester either the week before or the one after, I forget which. Indeed, gutted doesn't begin to describe it: Joseph Byrd has been one of my musical heroes since my teens. It was his second album which I ordered from Virgin, thus obtaining the wonderful postcard I described.

Here is an interview with him.

And for all that Judith Weiss and I are no longer on (polite) blogging terms, let me take this opportunity to point out that what originally made me pay her more attention than your run-of-the-mill rent-a-Zionist was her liking for Joseph Byrd (and, as I would find out, Richard Thompson, Martin Carthy, the Watersons and Judy Henske). OK, so she turned out to be evil, but as she cheers on the coming nuclear holocaust at least she'll be doing it to a decent soundtrack. Judith described our relationship somewhere as (I paraphrase slightly) having no common ground politically but being musical soulmates. Can't argue with that, though I could say just the same of Adolf Hitler. And as someone for whom music is probably the most important part of my life, if she were to turn up in Edinburgh I might still be prepared to buy her a drink for the fun of talking music, despite all the unpleasantness. I've done concerts with people I disliked far more than Judith, after all. It would be interesting to see whether under the circumstances she would be prepared to have a drink with me. (On the one hand, embodiment of evil. On the other, someone who knows the words to "Winifer Odd", "Dragging The River" and "The American Metaphysical Circus". Tough call, I suspect.)


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