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Monday, November 26, 2007

Jump down, turn around

Some unpleasant reading concerning the Uzbek cotton industry, courtesy of LabourStart. I bet you thought the use of slaves to pick cotton went out with the Confederacy.

If you would like even more depressing facts about Uzbekistan, Craig Murray is your man. He used to be the British ambassador there until he showed an unacceptable level of concern over human rights violations by President Karimov at a time when Blair was frantically sucking up to him as (a) a rich foreigner with whom we could do business and (b) a partner in the "war on terror". Obviously the inconvenient fact that he boils political opponents alive could not be allowed to put at risk all the money that Blair might make from him, especially when the opponents in question were probably Muslim anyway so had it coming, right? Hence Murray was sacked, after which the British goverment put a lot of effort into a smear campaign against him. You can read all about it in his excellent book.

And if you wondered why Craig Murray wasn't interviewed for the BBC documentary, he explains on his blog that he was in fact interviewed and filmed, but his contribution (curiously enough) was all edited out.


At 27 November, 2007 11:10, Blogger Chip said...

I'll add this book to my must read list. Not surprised at the sucking up part. Bush had made a real shamble of US Foreign policy by cosying up to all the wrong people all in the name of the "war on terror"...

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