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Friday, November 30, 2007


A story that makes me angry, courtesy of Ally Fogg (thanks to Clare for drawing my attention to it).

Looking for an update on Karen's situation, I found this, this and this. All of which goes to show that Sheila Foley's £135,000 salary is unmatched by any kind of people management skills. Also, that Karen is getting a lot of support, and that there are still some unrepentant union-bashers out there, to say nothing of some people clearly living in a parallel universe (gjh again says.." and if I hear another nurse say she is over worked and under paid....it's a healthy salary & just get another job if your not happy." )(sic).

Here is Karen's campaign's site, where you can read, among other things, the original interview that got her fired. I have to say it seems pretty mild stuff to me. As a union rep, I'd certainly take care what I said about my employer but expressing concern about privatisation doesn't seem excessive to me. She didn't make comments about individuals and as far as I can tell didn't let slip any confidential details (which clearly would be a no-no, for example if the union had been told something under embargo). Even if it was felt she was out of line, there is no way the article could be said to "bring the Trust into disrepute". Unlike Sheila Foley's incompetent flailing about, which is simply making it a laughing-stock.


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