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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fan Club 1

The first of a series of posts featuring video clips of artists I'm especially fond of. Here we go with Richard Thompson, probably the greatest electric guitarist still alive (Zappa being dead).

Let's begin with Richard doing Cooksferry Queen.

Then with his (then) wife Linda, doing Lonely Hearts. You may well not know this one: it's from Sunnyvista, their most neglected album.

Next up is Richard doing a song by John French (sometime drummer for Captain Beefheart) and John's wife Donna Blair: Now That I Am Dead. (Fom this album.)

Richard's most requested song is, I believe, still Beeswing. Listen and you'll understand why: there are few better narrative lyrics.

On the six albums that Richard & Linda made together, they recorded precisely two songs penned by Linda (though she wasn't given a writing credit either time). One was "Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed"; the other was Pavanne. Here is a clip of them doing both Pavanne and It's The Motion on the Jake Thakray Show. I remember watching this broadcast, absolutely spellbound. The songs remain two of my favourites.

Richard in upbeat mood here, doing his "cynic's love song" Nearly In Love. How can you resist a song with the line "I'm almost aware of walking on air"?

And to finish, my all-time favourite, A Heart Needs A Home. I could never tire of this song.


At 11 November, 2007 01:42, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Nice selections - I hadn't heard of them before. Thanks

At 11 November, 2007 04:06, Blogger Rob said...

Joe - you might know RT as the original lead guitarist of Fairport Convention. Anyway, glad to have bought him a new fan.


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