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Friday, October 26, 2007

Tireless foes of freedom, energetic supporters of terrorism

American-style "academic freedom" comes to Oxford, courtesy of London Zionist Paul Ussiskin. How proud he must be. But what was the Oxford Union thinking of, caving in to him?

Update: why am I unsurprised that the dead hand (and moribund intellect, but sadly all too healthy remainder) of Alan Dershowitz turns out to have been behind this disgrace?

Further update: no need to say why I'm unsurprised that Harry's Place (washes out mouth) is adding to the lies circulating.

Meanwhile here we have Daniel Pipes (a doughty battler against academic freedom wherever it rears its head in the USA) indefatigably supporting a terrorist organisation banned by the US State Department. Because, you see, it only slaughters Muslims. Here he is again, cheering on the murder of Muslims by Iraqi insurgents and expressing satisfaction that the civil war in Iraq will slow down the spread of democracy in the Middle East, because that would be terrible (having elections might legitimise governments with Muslims in them). So: terrorism good, democracy bad. Murder good, elections bad. Iraqi insurgents good, US government bad. That this ape is organising fascist rallies in the USA right now instead of being waterboarded in Guantanamo says more about the pervasiveness of the "Israel Lobby" than anything Mearsheimer and Walt could come up with.


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