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Friday, October 12, 2007

A post that starts in one place and ends in another

I found this blog by accident (its owner posted a comment just above one of mine on EKN regular Phil's blog The Gaping Silence). A German political blog sounds promising in any case, but what brought me to a gobsmacked halt was this post on the questionnaire sent to the long-term unemployed by Hamburg City Council (among others). The council withdrew it: I wonder if withdrawal was preceded by the kind of outcry I suspect we'd get in Britain under similar circumstances?

Incidentally the post of Phil's where I read KMS's comment is worth reading too. Very often Phil's posts leave me feeling rather awestruck, and I slink away wishing that I'd got round to reading Das Kapital (and that's not an emotion too easily aroused) or consoling myself that however bottomless my ignorance on some matters where Phil is clearly very well-informed, I can probably give him a decent contest on Schoenberg chamber music, St Kilda, or sulphur-nitrogen compounds. (Actually, the last was more for alliterative effect: while that was a set of undergraduate lectures I didn't sleep through I don't think I've actually retained very much of them.) Anyway, this post of Phil's crossed into an area I actually know something about: Phil may have recently become a folkie, but I - lapsed though I am these days as a performer - was putting in the hours on stage with my fiddle, and occasional (guitar, vocals), when I was still at school 35 years ago. My finest hour was being part (to wit, fiddle) of a hastily-assembled band led by Trevor Crozier (author of "Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee") and Joe Beard (formerly of The Purple Gang) which actually achieved a slot on Main Stage 2 at the Cambridge Folk Festival in (I think) 1976. Introduced by Martin Carthy, followed by The High Level Ranters, my seven minutes or so on stage passed as in a dream. Anyway, for once, therefore, I actually had something coherent to write in a comment!


At 12 October, 2007 22:58, Anonymous Phil said...

1. I haven't read Capital (I've read bits of it, and very good they were too, but any leftish dilettante or Politics student could say as much).

2. I haven't recently become a folkie. It's four and a half years now since I started doing it regularly (February 2003; I did "Sally free and easy" in an E L Wisty raincoat). According to my trusty song/performance spreadsheet I've now Got Up about 120 times in all.

3. I know very little about St Kilda and next to nothing about Schoenberg, so you might be on to something there.

4. Cheers. I dream of progressing beyond the floor spot, but it would probably take more effort than I'm prepared to put in.

At 13 October, 2007 00:46, Blogger Rob said...

Four and a half years sounds pretty recent to me....

At 13 October, 2007 19:39, Anonymous Phil said...

Recent? Hardly - why, I was a mere lad of 42 when I started out...

OK, it is recent compared with the first time I sang something traditional in public (1984), the first time I sang anything in public (1980) or the first Steeleye Span album I bought (1973). But it's felt like quite a long haul to me.

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