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Monday, October 01, 2007

I doubt even Boris Johnson could be a worse mayor

I've just read this, which is pretty interesting.

I gather that in a recent CNN interview America's Disgrace claimed it was justifiable to have put his emergency response centre in WTC 7 because the Secret Service and the CIA had their offices there. Page 5 of the Village Voice piece explains that the decision to locate those offices was made by Bill Diamond when he worked for Reagan. The decision to put New York's disaster centre there was made by the same guy when he worked for Rudy. The fact that the building was owned by a major Giuliani fund-raiser probably simplified the decision-making on these occasions.

I loved the description of NYC's clownish response to a purported sarin gas risk, with nobody using protective gear and half of City Hall standing around on the front lawn. (Also Rudy worrying about the risk if the gas "ignited" - yup, America's Genius on the ball there as ever.)


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