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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Enigmatic, that's the word. Well, that or "dentist".

After the women came home, I did two things. The most recent (while blogging, in fact) was to knock out a tooth filling on a spicy green pea (mild ouch). The earlier, courtesy of a late night showing at our local arthouse cinema, was to see Hallam Foe. This time Hilary and Vanessa had seen it before me, and had reported well of it, so I was puzzled when I spent the first 15-20 minutes finding the plot and characters so unbelievable that I wondered if I was going to get through the film without walking out. I'm glad I persisted, though, as after about 20 minutes it picked up (about the point where Hallam goes to Edinburgh). As the girls said, it's rather nice to watch a film and know all the locations, and from there on I did. Jamie Bell was excellent in the title role, showing that there is life beyond Billy Elliott, while Sophie Myles acted her socks - and other things - off as his girlfriend (and is surely now destined to hoover up many of the roles which used to go to Kate Winslet) . It was strange, though perhaps it shouldn't have been, that the minor characters were less well acted (not wooden, just less well-defined) with the glorious exceptions of those played by Ewan Bremner and Maurice Roeves. It just shows that they are famous actors for a reason. Good credits, great soundtrack. Not my film of the year, but I very much enjoyed it.


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