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Saturday, September 29, 2007

With a garlic aroma that could level Tacoma

More New York wingnuts, and now it's the turn of Judith Weiss, Wingnut-Commander at Kesher Talk. She banned me last week from further commenting on her blog, a story with a beginning that made me furious and an end that still keeps me laughing. Ready?

Unsurprisingly, in the week following the Israeli sneak attack on Syria, Kesher Talk was silent at first and then posted a "that will teach them a lesson" piece. (Funny, isn't it, how these people are the first to insist that any supporter of Palestinian rights must instantly condemn any act of terrorism committed by a Palestinian or lose credibility, when they not only fail to condemn terrorist acts by Israeli forces but try to justify them.)

Anyway, in KT's week of cheerleading for terror, Judith linked to a blog called 4 Mile Creek (I'm not linking to him, but it's his 19 July 2006 post "If I were Going To Attack Iran"). Judith's is the only link showing on his list of linked sites, and probably the reason for that is that not only does he encourage an attack on Iran (currently not at war with anyone) but he blithely advocates use of disguised aircraft and the slaughtering of a few hundred Saudis simply to save the effort of air-to-air refuelling. (To give context here, the only attacks on Iran Israel has admitted to considering is attacks on its nuclear facilities. The only way to attack those facilities is by means of nuclear weaponry becase of the depth of protection they have, and that is what Israel is considering. Let's leave aside the fact that the Iranian plants have been inspected and found weapons-free, while Israel, which possesses atomic bombs, not only has never permitted international inspection but abducted, imprisoned, and continues to persecute the heroic man who told the world about its undeclared Weapons of Mass Destruction. Sweet.)

So, this post advocating crawling over a few hundred murdered Saudis to launch a sneak nuclear first strike on Iran, Judith described in her linking post as Department of "Things that make you go hmmmmm". Also as "intriguing". Nothing more (and remember, she's the only blogger who's ever linked to the filthy piece). You may imagine that I became a little incensed. You'd be correct.

I posted a comment including the following (two typos corrected):

If such a vile thing were to occur, then Israel would fully deserve to be obliterated by nuclear, biological, chemical and any other kind of weaponry, and the nations of the world would be queueing up to do it. Is that what you want?

With hindsight, the word "obliterate" might perhaps have been improved on, though as it was Israel's erasure from the map as a political entity I had in mind rather than some kind of mass extermination it was in fact precisely what I meant. That such a retaliation should be expected is not an original thought: Judith herself (5th January 2006: The Coming Showdown With Iran") quotes Ariel Sharon of all people saying essentially the same thing, which is why he opposed launching such an attack.

Anyway, Judith herself went nuclear, which is where it becomes pretty funny. Apparently I was "advocating the most horrible kind of genocide as a punishment for defending against attempted genocide". Note especially that the killing of Jews is twice described as genocide, while the killing by nuclear immolation of Iranians is.....oh, that's right, ignored totally. Airbrushed out of the picture. Sick.

Apparently my disgust at the cowardly bombing of Syria and my disinclination to have swathes of Iran levelled at Olmert's whim shows that I "defend totalitarian scumbags and their attempts at genocide". Hmm. Don't remember Assad or Ahmadinejad attempting genocide. Still, what do I know? I'm a "fascist". Also a "Stalinist", a "solialist" and a "George Galloway clone", "eagerly sucking genocidal dictators' cocks" like all the rest of the "British Left". I thought it exceptionally amusing that like her fellow-traveller Benjamin Kerstein her response to criticism is to descend to the good old obscene ad hominem. Well, that and banning any further criticism.

A few more chuckles, and a few easily-checked lies (but who cares when you've banned the person you're lying about?) and then we're done with the Islamophobic goose-steppers at KT.

Chuckle #1

Apparently I "hated Cinnamon and Benjamin for some reason, maybe because they could run rhetorical rings round him without breaking sweat".

Regular readers here will remember Benjamin, whose supposed rhetorical skills were seen to comprise:

(a) loftily declaring that the basic error of fact that rendered his so-called "novel" as stupid as if he'd placed San Francisco in Illinois was irrelevant;
(b) when I persisted, calling me a "pathetic little neo-Nazi cunt";
(c) making obscene comments about other members of my family - only (get the rhetorical ring-running) doing it in Hebrew!

Yeah, I'm really scared of Benjamin's debating skills.

The comment about Cinnamon is even funnier, as while I've posted a few comments on posts of hers at Kesher Talk, she has never responded to any of them so far as I am aware. Her only acknowledgement of my existence was a comment on Judith's rug-chewing look-at-me-I'm-clever-I've-banned-Rob post. It reads, in full: Buh-bye, Rob. You won't be missed! So in fact I've no idea whether Cinnamon has any debating skills at all. She's certainly never treated me to a display of them.

Judith clearly sets the bar extremely low for rhetoric (though we can see that from her own attempts thereat).

Chuckle #2

Apparently I suffer from "overweening arrogance". Judith declares that the bombing of the Iraqi Osirak nuclear reactor was "an act that every middle east nation was grateful for, whether they were willing to admit it or not". So claiming to know the opinions of every West Asian government better than they do themselves: that isn't arrogance? Oh, and this arrogant idiot can read the future, and it tells her how omniscient she will remain about other governments' wishes, as "every Arab state will be grateful" if Israel nukes Iran, as will "most of Europe". Right.....(edges away from the loony lady...)

Dumbass Easy-To-Spot Lie #1

Someone commented supportively (and no, it wasn't me under an alias, or anyone I know) that You write that Israel should attack Iran and "strike nearly anywhere in Iran". When Rob writes that Israel will deserve to be attacked back again you ban him. Judith's reply? I never wrote "Israel should strike nearly anywhere in Iran". And I don't know anyone who thinks that would be a good idea. Well, the author of the piece that made her go Hmmmmm clearly does, because he does talk about striking anywhere in Iran. Moreover, as well as just linking to it, she pasted the quote into her blog post! How stupid does this woman think her readers are? How stupid is she?

Dumbass Easy-To-Spot Lie #2

Let's humour the poor woman for a moment and assume that I was encouraging (rather than predicting) a nuclear retaliation on Israel. Assume also that such retaliation actually killed every Jew in Israel. (Which it clearly wouldn't , but that' s Weissian rhetoric for you. She also thinks it would done with a single bomb, which is so idiotic I can find no way to ridicule it further.) Apparently, then, I advocate "eradicating half the world's Jews, more than Hitler murdered".

Ahem. And again.

In 2006 Israel contained only 40.6% of the world's Jews. If Judith could count, she would know that 'half' is 50%. A lie, then. And as at 24 April 2007, total number of Jews in Israel = 5,415,000. Are we expected to take seriously a supposed Jew who pontificates about genocide but doesn't even know that Hitler killed six million Jews in the Holocaust? I wonder which 10% of those murders she thinks didn't happen. Perhaps if they were "solialists" or homosexuals they didn't count.

Dumbass Easy-To-Spot Lie #3

This one really was worth waiting for. I referred to Israel's previous acts of aggression, including "the days when you bombed Baghdad". Judith's response:

Israel bombed Baghdad? In your alternate universe maybe.... One more "fact" from your fevered imagination. (You probably meant the Osirak reactor, which was in Iraq's Western desert - can you read a map?)

Well, yes, I did mean the Osirak reactor. And I can read a map. Osirak was at the al-Tuwaitha complex, around 11 miles SSE of Baghdad on a bend in the Tigris (i.e. closer to Baghdad than Kennedy Airport is to New York). Reading a map, I would say that as Baghdad is pretty far East in Iraq, that put Osirak around 200 miles from the Western Desert, which is, you know, in the West of Iraq. But Judith wouldn't know that because she can't read a map.

Being wrong is one thing. Being stupidly wrong is another. And drawing attention to your stupid wrongness to try to score a cheap point: well, that must be Judith running rhetorical rings round me.

Buh-bye, horse's ass. You won't be missed!

(Thanks to the late great Frank Zappa for supplying the apposite post title.)


At 01 October, 2007 13:39, Blogger Rob said...

I referred in one of my comments on KT to Israel's sinking of the USS Liberty. This should of course have read "attempted sinking", as the Liberty was crippled but survived, unlike 34 of her crew. She survived rocket attacks from three aircraft, a torpedo strike, and for good measure the machine-gunning of her life-rafts.

But someone will undoubtedly point out that she didn't sink.

Apologies for the error.

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