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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Taking a First Line for a walk

(Cross-posted at Head On A Stick.)

1. Well you must be a girl with shoes like that

The Fratellis: Chelsea Dagger

2. I know you've deceived me, now here's a surprise

The Who: I Can See For Miles (title guessed by Joe, fully guessed by Phil)

3. Shadows are falling and I've been here all day

Bob Dylan: Not Dark Yet

4. On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair

The Eagles: Hotel California (guessed by Joe)

5. Daddy, Daddy, come and look, see what I have found

Tim Rose: Come Away Melinda (guessed by Phil)

6. I didn't say a word, though I am really hurt

Inge & Anete Humpe: Careless Love

7. When the stone is grown too cold to kneel

Fairport Convention: Now Be Thankful

8. The mob's in town and the guns are out, and Louie knows what it's all about

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: There's No Lights On the Christmas Tree Mother, They're Burning Big Louie Tonight

9. The saints are crippled on this sinners' night

Lordi: Hard Rock Hallelujah

10. Laid here with the advertising sliding past my eyes

Pulp: I'm A Man (guessed by George)

11. We are standing here exposing ourselves

Kraftwerk: Showroom Dummies

12. I am a toreador, I am for sure, I kill bulls by the score, and sometimes more

Mike Oldfield (with vocals by David Bedford): Don Alfonso (guessed by Phil)

13. Ever since I was a little boy, dressing up has always been my greatest joy

Richard O'Brien (from Shock Treatment OST) : Little Black Dress

14. It was a slow day, and the sun was beating on the soldiers by the side of the road

Paul Simon: The Boy In The Bubble (guessed by Udge)

15. If we stand here together and we see the world as one

Kula Shaker: The Great Hosanna

16. Lime and limpid green, a second scene, a fight between the blue you once knew

Pink Floyd: Astronomy Domine (guessed by Phil)

17. I look at you all, see the love there that's sleeping

The Beatles: While My Guitar Gently Weeps (guessed by Udge)

18. Fell in the street in a drunken heap, there's dark water all around me

The Watersons: Red Wine and Promises

19. And so once again, my dear Johnny, my dear friend

Joni Mitchell: The Fiddle And The Drum (guessed by Z)

20. He came in the ballroom, just a crazy old man; his eyes seemed to glaze in the light

Linda Thompson: No Telling


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Apologies I missed this...


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