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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pretty Pollaidh

I am heading off tomorrow, breaking my journey at the Ballater flat, to the North-West. That's not the North-West of Great Britain, which everyone knows is full of cotton mills and black puddings * but the North-West of Scotland, full of spectacular mountains, incomparable beaches, and hundreds of thousands of seabirds. Hilary and Ruairidh are tied to school holidays, and I once more have an inconvenient holiday backlog to take. Last year I went to Warsaw: this year, the Youth Hostels at Achmelvich Beach and Durness.

DV, I shall return to blogging duties in week and a bit. Unless the weather becomes cruddy AND I find Internet access somewhere.

* Scottish joke


At 09 September, 2007 22:03, Blogger Udge said...

Have a good time, don't fall off the mountains, don't eat any black pudding. And in case you're short of material when you get back: tagged you, you're it.



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