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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Johnny One Note

I've been browsing over at Doctor Mooney's 115th Dream, a great source of free downloads, from which there is currently available a shedload of stuff from Bob Dylan's 1966 tour. Yes, I already have the CD of the Free Trade Hall concert (and yes, I was there, actually) but now by the magic of the bootleg (and Dylan fans practically invented that genre) I can hear the same songs as he did them in Liverpool, Sheffield, London, Dublin, Melbourne, Phoenix..... The quality varies, the songs don't, but the guy yelling "Judas!" belongs to Manchester alone. Go: download, before the files are deleted.


Doctor Mooney also has this rather nice post about The White Stripes. There is something very cool IMHO about announcing that you're going to play one note at a (free) gig, playing it, and going home.


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