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Saturday, September 01, 2007

An ill woodwind nobody blows good

I'e just been reading about a fantastic addition to the University of Edinburgh's museum of musical instruments. Apparently Sir Nicholas Shackleton, an eminent palaeoclimatoligist, collected clarinets. About eight hundred clarinets, in fact, and he's now left them to the university. They range from early 18th century versions (remember the clarinet is quite a recent invention) through the various improvements and attempted improvements in design that led to the modern instrument, along with some byways and oddities. Most of the Shackleton Bequest instruments are in playable condition, which is impressive in itself, and will make the collection a seriously useful research tool. See here for an article about the collection (pp 22-23).

Another thing for me to find time to go and see....(still haven't been to the Andy Warhol exhibition - waiting until the Festival's over and the queues die down).


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