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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Humour v Obsession: a false dichotomy?

Over on LiveJournal, a guy I shared a house with as a student (and who must at the very least share the blame for getting me interested in computers) posted the following in response to my recent Harry Potter-related post:

Subject: fan fics for non fac fic people
Not sure how to categorize
this. But it appeals to those of you who are not hard core HP fans. or at least, not obsessed.

I would describe myself as an HP fan though not obsessed (I leave that to my daughter). I enjoyed it a lot (especially Prof. McGonagall's email to Harry).

I suppose the question now is, why would those who ARE obsessive HP fans not enjoy it? Because I bet my daughter would. OK, maybe there are degrees of obsession, but surely taking something seriously doesn't necessarily involve a sense of humour bypass? For example, the famous Chuck Jones cartoon What's Opera, Doc? is not only full of operatic clichés, but plays mix-and-match with Wagner's Ring cycle and his opera Tannhaüser. Nevertheless, a perusal of the Wagner Society's publications shows that its members are (to a large extent) huge fans of the cartoon. And trust me, those guys are every bit as obsessive as the most ardent Harry Potter fan (the Ring alone clocks in at around fifteen hours). I write as one about to spend 21 hours (less breaks) of my coming weekend (from Friday lunchtime to Sunday evening) playing Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg, so I think my Wagnerian credentials hold water; and I love the cartoon. I also love Anna Russell's take on the Ring, and so do all the Wagnerians I know.


At 26 September, 2007 06:49, Anonymous Phil said...

21 hours - blimey. After that lot it's not just your credentials that'll be holding water...

At 26 September, 2007 10:44, Blogger Rob said...

There are breaks....

Though Das Rheingold a few years back involved careful, um, management, as it's about 2 hrs 40 min with no interval.

At 26 September, 2007 17:57, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Wow, what a segue - from a naked HP to a duck to your sitting for a day. Very impressive! (and thanks for the link)

At 26 September, 2007 19:24, Blogger Udge said...

That was great fun, thank you!

And yes, this Wagnerian loves the cartoon too.

At 28 September, 2007 15:08, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Oh, and HP fans not liking that - I think you really have to understand email in order to find it amusing. Certain people around here that I pointed to that post didn't understand what was going on at all, or what the heck BCC was or anything.


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