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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Black Ops

A column of Phil's from way back when, which he reposted recently and which made me laugh. Even if the second problem makes the totally unrealistic assumption that Acme management would give a toss what the IT director (merely a rude mechanical, after all) thought when it came to imposing their corporate will on the infrastructure. I once worked in a place where a manager (S) was severely reprimanded for pointing out that a piece of kit the company were considering simply wouldn't do the job it was being bought for. The sales manager of the vendor had stormed into S's senior management and complained "S needs to be reminded that this isn't how we do things". (I'm sure the quality of their corporate golf days was excellent, though.)

Re operators and why they should not be crossed, I enjoy dipping into Bastard Operator From Hell from time to time. (In the interest of your sanity, I should explain that PFY stands for Pale-Faced Youth, who is a regular character.)


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