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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bad stuff that happened while I was away

John Reid excelled himself at talking fascistic nonsense about a subject (human rights) on which he knows nothing whatsoever. (Though he did also announce that at the next election he would stand down as a MP, which must surely be an excuse for a commemorative public holiday?)

Sir Menzies Campbell attempted to reinvent the Liberal Democrats as a Eurosceptic party.

Gordon Brown reassured us all that Blair's Thatcherite legacy would be well looked after.

Israel's government, suffering serious withdrawal problems after several months during which it hadn't launched an unprovoked attack on a single neighbouring country, put the smile back on its collective face by committing a war crime (just a little one) in Syria. ("The security services and Israeli defence forces are demonstrating unusual courage" - Ehud Olmert. Committing cowardly murders in peacetime in a neighbour's sovereign territory is hardly courageous; nor, of course, is it unusual.)

Britain's biggest arms fair hosted sellers of leg irons and shoulder-launched cluster bombs (though the former were expelled after they were exposed).

Saudi Arabia "made itself party to the kidnapping of a Pakistani citizen in broad daylight and has flouted international law" (Human Rights Watch), not that any of that greatly concerned the soi-disant warriors on terror in London or Washington, though the EU - to its considerable credit - did protest.

Pretty normal week really.


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