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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Green Room, Edinburgh, 20 August 2007

The third year at the Fringe from the Trachtenburgs, and the third time I've seen them. For those unfamiliar with them, the family are Jason, Tina and their daughter Rachel. What they do is to buy slide collections in car boot sales, junk shops, wherever, especially collections by anonymous deceased strangers. They then assemble the slides into some order corresponding to a surreal narrative which they then set to music. For example, an early number used a collection of slides most of which were pictures of eggs. It's an idea that works OK, though you wouldn't want to spend a long evening watching them. For an hour or even two, they're great fun. Tonight was the first night of the 2007 Edinburgh show, so there was a bit of bedding-in being done. There was also a very small audience (about ten of us) - the first time I've been to a gig of theirs that wasn't sold out. The material was good, though: we had Don't You Know What I Mean, Beautiful Dandelion, Look At Me, and a few whose names I've forgotten (one which was used in a maimed version by MTV which features a unitard-clad model posing alongside pictures of H-bomb explosions). Pride of place must surely go to the collection of slides which they picked up back in 2001, featuring a McDonalds Corporation internal management presentation (like Powerpoint without the computer). Snappily entitled Opnad Contribution Study Committee Report, June 1977, it encapsulates the whole Trachtenburg Family project.

Take a look at their website. Better still, go to see them. The humour comes from the surreal juxtapositions, and if that appeals to you you'll like them.


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